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What i'm packing in my hospital bag!

Well friends... We are getting so close to Baby Kinchen's arrival! I'll be 38 weeks on Friday! I finally have our hospital bags packed and wanted to share what's inside. I've always been an over-packer! As a nurse that works in mother baby, I can honestly say you can show up to the hospital with nothing but your car seat/base and something to wear home, and be just fine! However, I think having items from home just makes you feel a little more at ease and comfortable during your stay! Here is what we are packing!

Stuff for Mom

  • 2 Pairs of nursing friendly pajamas

  • Slippers or flip flops (old flip flops are great to wear in the shower at the hospital)

  • Nursing tank ( I love the one linked above because it has a built in sports bra)

  • Nursing Bra

  • Lounge joggers or sweatpants

  • Sweatshirt (The temperature in a hospital is always unpredictable. When I'm working sometimes I'm burning up and other times I'm freezing)

  • I am bringing my own blanket and pillow from home (the hospital will provide this, but I just feel like I will be more comfy with my own)

  • Going home outfit (I know it's extra, but if i'm up to it, I'm wearing this Leopard Pink Lily Dress linked above)



  • Shampoo, conditioner (hospital has if you forget, just not great quality)

  • Toothbrush, toothpaste (hospital has if you forget)

  • Deodorant (hospital has this if you forget)

  • Face wipes or face wash

  • Chapstick (the hospital air is very dry)

  • Body lotion, face moisturizer

  • Blow dryer, curling iron (You may not need this, but if you want to style your hair for pictures or going home)

  • Make up (Probably won't wear a lot, but will definitely put on before heading home. Since we cannot have family at the hospital I know we will have a lot of visitors when we get home).

  • Some form of a mirror to put on make up (there is normally a sink with a mirror in most hospital rooms, but is normally a very small space. A mirror makes life easier so you can sit in the bed and do your make up!)


Electronics & Other Essentials

  • Lap top & charger or an iPad to watch Netflix

  • Long phone charger (Where I work there are no plugs near the bed that reach unless you have a very long charger)

  • Fan

  • Sound machine (you can also download the the white noise app on your phone)

  • Night light (I've heard great things about the on VAVA light linked above)

  • Cup (Not a necessity, but nice to have.. especially one that keeps things cold (ex. yeti, they will have cups at this hospital! I linked the one i'm taking above).

  • SNACKS (bring snacks because you never know when they will bring meals at this hospital)


Stuff For Baby

  • Honestly, there aren't many items you need for baby at the hospital. The hospital should have everything you need. The only essentials you really need are car seat/base and a going home outfit.

  • CAR SEAT AND BASE (You must have your base installed in the car before leaving the hospital, if you are unsure of how to do this most local fire departments or police stations are certified to do this - stop by and have them help you install it)

  • 2 Swaddles, 2 hats

  • 2 newborn outfits

  • Going home outfit (we have the monogrammed outfit linked above)

  • Paci

  • Announcement sign (In love with arrow town designs custom wood signs linked above)

  • Boppy pillow (this is great for helping breast feed)

  • Diaper bag (We are packing his items in our Citi Collective bag)


Stuff for Dad

  • 3 changes of clothes (Clothes, boxers, socks)

  • Include in the clothes an outfit for photos (something casual) & something to wear home

  • Sweats, hoodie, pajamas

  • Slippers or flip flops

  • Pillow & blanket (the hospital does have this, but generally your own is always more comfortable)

  • Phone Charger

  • Toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, razor, deodorant, face wash)

  • Headphones


Postpartum care

The hospital has everything you need for postpartum care. I'm not bringing anything to the hospital. I have all of these items for PP care at home. Another tip is when you leave the hospital ask for everything you need for home. You will be charged for it, but if there is something you find useful at the hospital ask for extra to use at home.

  • Pads or postpartum briefs

  • Dark color comfortable underwear

  • Tucks pads

  • Dermoplast spray

  • Motrin and tylenol (this is what most hospitals give during your stay)

  • Stool softener (Colace is what we use at the hospital I work at)

  • Medela disposable nursing pads

  • Medela hydrogel soothing breast pads

  • Olive oil or coconut oil (many lactation consultants recommend this for irritation to your breast from breast feeding and it's safe for baby to consume)

  • Breast pump if breast feeding (most insurance companies should cover the cost of a pump. I used the website Aeroflow to order mine. You put in all your insurance info and they will send your pump about a month before the baby is due. I got the Medela Pump in Style Breast Pump.

  • Frida spray bottle (the hospital will give you a spray bottle, but I've heard this one is a little better).




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