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Holiday Gift Idea with Hoffmann Bros

Need a last minute gift idea? Our family has absolutely loved having a Home Protection Plan with Hoffmann Brothers these past 3 years. This got me thinking about how this would be the perfect gift for a parent, grandparent, or honestly anyone who is a home owner.

Having a HPP plan ensures our home is taken care of in the areas that are unseen including HVAC, sewers, electrical, plumbing, and more. We love having professionals to take care of our home and provide routinue maintenance or having them for priority service if something breaks.

A few of our favorite parts of being an HPP Member include: 2 semi annual tune ups on our HVAC, free HVAC filters for the year, priority service, and reduced diagnostic fees. The entire list is below of what a HPP Plan provides.

With Christmas and New Years right around the corner Hoffmann Brothers has also helped us prepare our home for the holiday season and cooler weather. We always have our HVAC maintenance done before the cold weather/holidays hit. This helps prevent on HVAC going out in the coldest months of the year. It would be terrible for it to go out around the holidays/cold months.

Something else I would love to do with Hoffmann Brothers next year before the holidays is have Hoffmann Brothers do an electrical panel safety inspection and move outlets around for us to make outdoor light hanging easier. This way there are less cords involved and it makes it so much easier to hang lights. We didn't get around to decorating the outside this year but we fully intend to next year.

You can call Hoffmann Brothers today to gift yourself or someone you know a HPP plan at 615-515-3020. Here is a link to their website as well. Hoffmann Brothers Website


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