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Cold Weather Ready with Hoffmann Brothers

Have you found yourself turning the heat on yet in your home? I know we have been switching back and forth some in our home between AC and Heat. Colder weather is definitely on its way, and we love feeling like our home is prepared for winter weather.

As you all know, we love being Home Protection Plan Members with Hoffmann Brothers.

We love the benefits we receive, such as 2 semi annual tune ups on our HVAC, free HVAC filters for the year, priority service, reduced diagnostic fees, and even more. Hoffmann Brothers helps us maintain and prepare our home for the change of seasons.

Here are a few ways we are planning on preparing our home for winter/holiday season:

  1. Cleaning out our Garage: We just did this recently. Since we are about to have a baby, I wanted to be able to park in the garage and our garage had become a storage space. It was a mess to be honest. I wanted to be able to get into the garage to park my car and not have to worry about a freezing cold car and trying to go out into the cold to defrost it/ warm it up before getting into it with a newborn.

  2. Servicing our HVAC unit with Hoffmann Brothers is something we always do pre-summer and pre-winter: We always choose these two times of the year because it would be so terrible for your HVAC to go out in the heat of the summer or freezing cold months of the year. As part our HPP plan, we get two semi annual tune ups on our HVAC unit per year. We LOVE having our HVAC unit serviced, our filters changed out, they clean our coils, and make sure everything is running efficiently. Just like a car, the equipment in your home needs to receive maintenance too. This ensures we get through the winter without hopefully having any issues.

  3. Tankless Water Heater: Something we have considered doing but haven't done yet is adding a tankless water heater to our home. Tankless water heaters give you a unlimited supply of hot water (great for larger families) and are super efficient. This way you don't run out of hot water and have to take a cold shower. No one wants to take a cold shower haha. Not to mention, it helps with storage space because they are much smaller than a normal water tank. This is something Hoffmann Brothers can do for your home this fall season!

  4. Check Outside Spigots: As the colder weather stays around, we always check our outside water spigots. We disconnect garden hoses and cover spigots with insulation covers. This prevents the spigot from freezing and causing a pipe to burst.

  5. Gas Heat Inspection: We have electric heat so this isn't necessary in our home, but if you have gas heat then this is something you really need to do every year before turning your heat on. Make sure to get your gas heat/furnace checked before turning the heat on each year to make sure there are no chances of a carbon monoxide leak. Also, make sure you have carbon monoxide detecters installed in case of a leak to alert you. This would fall under a semi annual tune up from Hoffmann Brothers, but is so important if you have gas heat.

  6. Electrical Safety Panel Inspection: Hoffmann Brothers can come out and check your electrical panel to make sure there are no issues before you start hanging holiday lights. If you are putting up outdoor lights they can also move around outlets to make light hanging easier and allow less cords.

You can call Hoffmann Brothers today at 615-515-3020 to set up an appointment to get your HVAC checked out or here is a link to their website as well: Hoffmann Brothers Website


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