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Healthier hair with pantene Pro-V miracle collection

Updated: May 6, 2021

This post is sponsored by Pantene, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

In the last year, my hair has gone through some serious changes from postpartum hair loss/breakage. I've also been highlighting my hair since I was in middle school. I know, crazy right? Due to this, I've always struggled with dry hair and damage, but this year I've noticed more breakage in my hair then ever before. Today, I'm partnering with Pantene to share their Miracle Rescue Collection and how it has helped with my hair journey.

As a new mom, nurse, and part time blogger my life has never been so crazy. I've realized I have to allow time for self care including taking care of myself and body (this includes HAIR). As my girl Dolly Parton would say, "If anyone tells you your hair is too big. Get rid of them. You don't need that kind of negativity in your life!" haha...I've been focusing on treating the damage my hair has endured and preventing future damage with the new Pantene Miracle Rescue Collection. I've been using this collection for awhile now and I cannot believe the moisture it provides. My hair is definitely more smooth, shiny, and freeze free.

How I Incorporate it

1.) I've been substituting my normal conditioner for the Miracle Rescue Deep Conditioning Treatment. This conditioner is filled with nutrients including pro-vitamin B5, strengthening lipids, and protective antioxidants for a boost of hydration with every wash.

2.) Every couple washes, I also add in the Miracle Rescue Intense Rescue Shot. This treatment is the strongest of the collection. The intense rescue shots help repair damaged hair for a visibly stronger look. It's as good as a $60 treatment for a much better price.

3.) If I want to use my normal conditioner without doing a deep treatment, I use the Miracle Rescue Moisture Mix-in. I've noticed if I deep condition my hair too much it almost starts to feel too soft and flat. This makes it harder to style. The Miracle Rescue Mix-In conditioner is great to use as an add in to your normal conditioner. I add in 1-5 pumps for a quick boost of nutrients.

As we head into the summer, my hair always sees extra triggers for damage from sunshine, salt water, to chlorine. Thanks to Pantene, I know I'll be ready for more sun and highlights without future damage! Learn more about this collection here.



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