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Updated: Jun 9, 2020

As I've shared on Instagram, we are so incredibly excited to welcome Baby Kinchen! His due date is July 31st so we have a little less than 2 months until his arrival! Ever since we found out we were pregnant my mind has been racing to figure out all of the items we would need to make sure he is well taken care of. As a new mom, there are so may products out there and it can be very overwhelming to know what is the right product for you and your baby! As I've mentioned, I'm a registered nurse and work in the well baby nursery. This was very helpful to me when starting our registry. I was able to talk to mom friends from work and get their opinions on what worked best for them! Another tip, I looked at several friend's registries to get an idea of everything we would need. I will list our registry below as well as link some of the products. There are a few items that we already have that are not on our registry, but I linked them below. Just as a reminder, this is our first baby so I've never used any of these products for myself, but they were recommended to us! I hope our registry helps any mamas or future mamas out there!


Seating and Activity


Bath Time


Health & Safety


Car Seat & Stroller


Sleep & Swaddles


Baby Care




Clothes & Accessories


We chose to register at Baby List. Baby List is amazing because it allows you to chose any item from any store and put it all into one place.....Our Registry



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